Accounting Resources

What is an Account Executive?

What does an account executive do and how can you get such a job for yourself? ...Read more

Essential Excel Knowledge for Accountants

What essential Excel knowledge do accountants need in order to do their job efficiently, and where can you get started learning the basics of Excel for yourself? ...Read more

How was Accounting Done Before Spreadsheets?

Spreadsheets are seen as an essential part of accounting today; but accounting pre-dates the use of spreadsheets by a long time ...Read more

What is VSOE?

What is VSOE and how does it work? ...Read more

What is Carbon Tax and Which Countries Have One?

What is carbon tax, why is it controversial, and which countries have adopted a carbon tax? ...Read more

What is Fund Accounting?

What is fund accounting, how does it differ from traditional accounting, and who are the organisations that will typically use this system? ...Read more

What is Shoebox Accounting?

What is shoebox accounting, and is it a method likely to be beneficial or detrimental to your personal or business finances? ...Read more

What is the Best Way to Find an Accountant?

Finding an accountant is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make regarding your finances; here are some tips that will help you. ...Read more

What is a Writedown?

Understanding what a writedown is and why they’re important in terms of business finance is a crucial aspect of the accounting process. ...Read more

What do Qualified Accountants Do

What services to chartered accountants provide and how can they help businesses and individuals? ...Read more

How do Accounting Companies Help Start-ups?

Accounting companies are a huge source of help to start-up and growing business. How do the services they offer make a difference? ...Read more

Choosing an Accountant for Your Business?

What are the key things you should be looking out for when choosing an accountant for your business? ...Read more

What is Accounting 2.0?

The Accounting industry has undergone some drastic changes in recent years, with many new ways to do your own accounting emerging and accountants doing many things differently. This has become known as Accounting 2.0. ...Read more

Why Do We Need Accountants?

There are numerous reasons why we need accountants, from understanding our financial position to ensuring we are compliant with various tax and accounting laws and guidelines. ...Read more

What is Cashflow?

Even seasoned business owners can fail to understand cash flow. Learn what it is, why it’s so important to businesses, and how you can influence your own. ...Read more

What is the History of Accounting?

Did you know that the earliest records of accounting practices date to over 76,000 years ago? ...Read more

What is the AAT?

A look at the work of the AAT, what they offer for accounting professionals and the benefits of affiliation and membership. ...Read more

What is Accounting?

An overview of what the term accounting means, what it involves, and how the industry as we know it came into existence. ...Read more

What is Accountancy?

This resource looks at what exactly accountancy is, who uses accountancy, and a brief look at the history of the industry. ...Read more

What are an Accountant’s Roles and Responsibilities?

You're considering using an accountant, but you don't actually know what an accountant does. This resource post will give you a good idea. ...Read more