Self Assessment Resources

What is Double Taxation?

Gain an understanding of double taxation and ensure you don't end up paying too much tax yourself. ...Read more

What is Fair Tax?

What is fair tax and how does it influence the tax paid by businesses? ...Read more

Which Countries do not Tax Overseas Income?

Which countries do not tax overseas income, and if you are taxed overseas how can you avoid double taxation? ...Read more

What are the Key Deadlines for Self-Assessment?

Understanding the key dates and deadlines for self assessment is key if you're a self employed individual or need to complete a tax return for any other reason. ...Read more

What is Tax Competition?

What is tax competition and what are the factors that make it both a good and bad initiative for governments to be undertaking? ...Read more

Which Countries Have the Lowest Corporate Tax Rates?

Which are the countries with the lowest corporate tax rates? Are these fixed or are they variable? ...Read more

Which Countries Have the Highest Corporate Tax Rates?

Corporate tax is a controversial topic around the world, but which countries currently have the highest corporate tax rates? ...Read more

What is Capital Gains Tax?

What is capital gains tax, how is it applied, and are there any exceptions? How does this form of taxation work in the UK? ...Read more

Do Tax Increases Affect the Jobs Industry?

Tax increases are among the most controversial and hotly debated topics among the public. What affect do they have on employment markets? ...Read more

What is Inheritance Tax?

An explanation of Inheritance Tax, when it becomes payable, and circumstances where dispensation may be made. ...Read more

Do I Need to Complete a Tax Return?

A list of the groups of people who need to complete a tax return. ...Read more

What is the Tax Return Deadline?

An explanation of the UK tax return deadline, why there is actually two deadlines, and the importance of completing a tax return on time. ...Read more

What is Self-Assessment and its Importance

Explaining what Self-Assessment is and why it is an important process to get right. ...Read more

How to Complete a Tax Return Form

A quick guide to completing a tax return form, as well as the basic mistakes commonly made that are worth avoiding at all costs. ...Read more

How do I get a Tax Refund?

An overview of the tax refund procedure, and what to do if you believe you have paid too much tax. ...Read more

What is a Tax Rebate?

An explanation of a tax rebate, what to do if you think you are due a tax rebate, and the payment process involved. ...Read more

What is a Tax Return?

An overview of a UK Tax Return, what you need to do to get one, and deadlines for completion. ...Read more