VAT Resources

Is VAT a Part of a Retailer’s Sales?

Is VAT included in the price you see at the shops, and what VAT rates apply to certain items? ...Read more

Do Resellers Need to Pay VAT?

VAT can be complex, and if you're a reseller it pays to know whether you should be VAT registered and are able to charge and reclaim VAT ...Read more

Is VAT Mandatory for Ecommerce Websites?

How do eCommerce websites pay VAT, and what are the changes in rules depending on where the buyer of a product or service is resident? ...Read more

How Much Revenue is generated by VAT in the UK?

How much revenue is generated by VAT in the UK? Why is VAT so controversial in the UK, and what is the background behind it? ...Read more

How Much is VAT in the UK?

An overview of how much VAT is payable in the UK, including examples of products under each VAT rate. ...Read more

How to Add VAT to Purchases

An easy way to calculate the total price of goods or services when the VAT hasn't been included in the price. ...Read more

How to Calculate VAT from Gross

Simple calculations and guidance to help businesses or consumers calculate VAT from VAT inclusive or VAT exclusive prices. ...Read more

How to Calculate VAT on Purchases

A simple formula for calculating how much VAT is included within the price of VAT inclusive goods or services. ...Read more

How to Pay VAT Online

An overview of the simple VAT online payments process, and why direct debit is the best method of payment. ...Read more

How to Work Out VAT in the UK

Easy to action calculations that can help anyone calculate the total cost of VAT exclusive goods or services. ...Read more